On my own behalf and that of the Board of Directors , I would like to thank everyone for their great contributions to the sucess of the recent visit to Welcome English of President and Mrs Higgins. The news of the visit came at short notice and required a great deal of work to set up all that was necessary on the day. I think that the teams of teachers and students led by Angela did marvellous work to have everything so well organised. Thanks and congratulations to all who spoke, sang and made presentations on the day and to the teachers and students who put together the presentation booklet for the President. It was great to see so many people present on the day including those like Sr Celestine who were a huge part of the history of Welcome English.
Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved
Yours sincerely
David Griffin
Chairperson of the Board

 The Board of Directors met on Wednesday 16th January and the main matters dealt with were as follows :

  1. The Board noted the donation of 3 laptops which will be used to support a literacy programme called WriteOn which will feed into the work being done in regard to QQI certification for Levels 3 and 4.
  2. The completion and launch of the new website was noted and it is hoped that this will prove to be a significant asset to the work of Welcome English
  3. The Board considered further the work necessary to address the requirements of GDPR and completed an initial review of a Date Protection Statement for the organisation. In regard to other policy documents, the Board also reviewed an attendance Policy document which had been drafted by the Centre Manager , Angela Murphy.
  4. The Board discussed the Hospitality Value which is part of the set of Values adopted by the organisation and Angela Murphy confirmed that staff and students were also looking at initiatives in this area.
  5. The Board commenced it’s consideration of the requirements of the Charities Governance Code and had an in depth discussion of the requirements of Principle 1 which is Advancing Charitable Purpose.

Board Meeting

The Board of Welcome English met on Wednesday 5 December. The Centre Manager, Angela Murphy , updated the Board on the activities of Wecome English over the past two months dealing with student numbers, staff resources and progress in respect our course certification and other educational matters.
The Board reviewed the proposed new website and gave approval to proceed to launch the site. The Board reviewed a number of matters impacting on the governance of the organisation including compliance with GDPR Regulations and the steps necessary to ensure compliance with the recently published Charities Governance Code. Finally, the Board had an extensive and wide ranging discussion on the Values to which Welcome English subscribes and how best to ensure that they are effectively applied to support the activities of the Organistion.