Welcome English Language Centre: Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Welcome English desires that all registered immigrants would be facilitated in achieving a functional level of English.

Our Mission

Welcome English is a voluntary community organisation committed to meeting the English Language needs of immigrants who are registered in the centre.

Our Values

– Hospitality
– Respect & Equality
– Valuing Volunteering

Living our values

  1. Hospitality understood as : A person centred welcoming attitude and atmosphere for all involved in Welcome English.

Key Actions:

– Ensure Welcome English is a welcome place for all.
– Provide refreshments as integral to hospitality.
– Provide opportunities for students to socialise.

  1. Respect and Equality understood as : Recognising the dignity of each person and promoting a non- discriminatory climate for all.

Key Actions:

– Show great sensitivity to all.
– Respect individual differences.
– Be compassionate, non intrusive , non judgemental.
– Respect cultural and religious diversity.

  1. Valuing Volunteering understood as : Cherishing the time, talents and contribution of our Volunteers.

Key Actions:

– Acknowledge and value the contribution of each volunteer.
– Encourage the volunteers to participate at all levels.
– There are induction programmes for new volunteers.
– In service training, on going support and group meetings are put in place for staff members during each academic year.

Living our Mission

Appropriate structures have been put in place by the setting up of a Board of Directors in conjunction with the Mercy Congregation to maintain policies and facilities that reflect our values . The Board is actively engaged on the implementation of the Governance code for Community/ Voluntary Charitable Organisations in Ireland.